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Sub Dentata (prod Prince Kong)

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Kali Durga Babylon
Pussy make the world go round...
Order, your honor on the night of April 3rd
she passed me by so delectable
you know what i thought she deserved?
I said, oh no, you can't have this priceless shit
I take back the night
I take back the day
and I take your life while I'm at it
Pussy make the world go round...
Order in the court, we call a witness to the stand
Exhibit A, a skirt so short
He said, Your Honor, as a man, I'm a human animal, a human animal,never went on a hunt.
Some juice will quench my thirst, i must have her, must have her...
Pussy make the world go round...
My karma is a bitch but my ego's even meaner
You won't be my tragedy, better get up offa me
twisted guts and purple cheeks
Tell me, how does it feel to breath?
Your simple ass won't do it again
Because here's where your story ends
Kill your rapist, the fucker's getting caught
Kill your rapist, your dick is getting tossed
Kill your rapist, the fucker's getting caught, fucker's getting caught
Your Honor, let's look at this woman's history
Objection, Your Honor, what about her story?
Modern girl trips alone along a twisted path
Strength of character to carry on, now a lasting wrath
First, second, now third wave feminism
Nature vs nurture, pop culture hypnotism
Disoriented rhythms, girl detached from the moon
Faint light steady mocking, will a sun come soon?
Kill your rapist...
Has he forgotten the first word learned and uttered
Protesting being weaned from his mother's udder
said no, i said no
As women go, so the world goes
If you're lookin for a rib, it's where my boot fits
As women go, the world goes, goes
Gavel drops, what do you hear?
crying, gasping, one year
oh, so now it's my turn to hunt
it's not a wound, it's a weapon, so beware of my cunt
And if there's one gentleman left in this sick sick world
i'll pull you and pin you and take you and sin you and we'll make babies, we'll make babies
Cuff him? rather snuff him, dead man walking ya better start running, cuff him? rather snuff him
behind a burka I'm smirking at you
I cover myself to control yourself
and if I drop my veils to reveal myself,
tell Herod I demand the tip of every rapist dead
Kill your- forgiveness and, resolve and end, paper and pen, your auntie your sister your friend
Dentata, dare ya come again
Kill your rapist...
Kali Durga Babylon, pussy make the world go round