"Sweet Pang!" - a Pole-Dancing Rap Musical 

Feminist wet dream or modern money's nightmare? Madam Gentle Wreck drops 15 feet into her past as Pang: rapper, pole-dancer, transvestite and brutal siren. Defending her demons in a dark and outrageous quest to bleed her own heart, she tries to convince a Judge* she's a good girl! 

This show explores nuances of a modern woman's sexuality in a world in which she insists that nature and nurture can harmonize. At once comical, poignant and vehement, Pang ultimately defends the perspective that women must be given a full spectrum of freedom with their bodies.  


"Life exists in its' very wanting - birth, hunger, growth. All life interconnected, we feed on ourselves on a hurtling rock through space. The sun shines wordlessly on violence, hearts squirt fruitlessly to puddle absence. So we make music so good we grimace, and take someone beautiful to bed again. Is life itself not just one big sweet pang?"

*the Judge is played by a local DJ in each town Pang tours