why you / what they say is true / you’re broke and I’m blue / but i’m a beast to beat / all of th plans I’m hatching / it’s true / whet they said about you / fe true / you’re broke and i’m through / you were the one that lit up in the pack / i booked the hotey ant my money back / now you come see me / the way that it’s stacked / why you…. / why you ain’t a rebel / wish you was a rebel / paying no attention / this is what you’re missing / what, you ain’t a rebel / ain’t you fucking pissed / you can’t keep up / can’t even grasp it / you’re a rebel? fantasy, fellah / nice thick dick / but mind not on the level / you’re disheveled looking heavily wrecked / ain’t even had a shower but you want me in a dress, boy / whoa, momma called it first / one glimpse at you and questioning my thirst / gasping, saying “kate, he’s a jock” / i was like “naw, ma, i swear he’s punk rock!” / whoa! momma knows best / accoutrement won’t cheat momma test / the bigger bitch inside me is calling / she’s keeping me from falling / cuz you’re calling your ex brave cuz she moved weight / greater still to stand up to the state / like, sell your powder, i’ll fight the power / why you … / is he mad / is he just crazy / is he thick or is he mentally hazy / is he mad / must be ravin mad / bitch a queen like you / he wouldn’t know what to do / makes me mad / must be mad / is he thick / must be mentally thick  / must be ravin mad / such behavin mad / bitch a queen like you / he wouldn’t know what to do / why you….

Reporter: 'Why are you here today?'
Marsha P. Johnson: 'Darling, I want my gay rights now!'
Go on get it get flamboyant are you what / hear your royal fam blew up the spot / pan sexual show pony / but put me in the room with Amnesty / quicker now that queens have paved the way / so sick that they're still ignored today / shot glass first blast LGBT / by Sylvia, Storme, and Marsha P. / line up piggy piggy he gon' tick that box to say you're in wrong clothes / rise up chicky chicky day gon' come won't be only this bar we can go / locked in a closet in a fine mink stole / it don't matter if you ain't got soul / locked in a closet in a fine mink stole / she said "I may be crazy that don't make me wrong' / she said "pay em no mind I'll keep singing my song' / 'you can count your karma when nirvana's your goal' / Street Trans Action Revolution! / bricks thrown not a rich bone to suck on / police we push back with out tactics full on / question our progress? Ask your Mother! Ask your Mother! / line up .... / Miss Major: 'Spelled M-I-S-S, been chased but not caught' won't rest / 'This is what Pride looks like. This is what Pride looks like." / Miss Major: 'Spelled M-I-S-S been chased but not caught' she won't rest / 'This is what Pride looks like. This is what Pride looks like." / life is so messy we must inclusivity / 21st century show your proclivity / for beautiful bold abandon of shame / but squeaky cis get the fame / crown of flowers she's wise in fluidity / now in out eyes ain't a dream its lucidity / imma fight thick and thin / throwin bricks at the Stonewall Inn / Line up ... / Freak flag flying / white bros cry / 'why don't you guys do something?' / riot / riot / riot / riot / Sylvia Rivera: 'Revolution now! Gimme a G - A - Y - P - O - W - E - R  gay power LOUDER GAY POWER!

I won't let them say that it's wrong / cuz I am that I am / and ain't it sweet how we ache? / won't let them say that I'm wrong / boy, I'll show you wrong / hey lady you're shining / let your moon rise lady / you're shining shining / light all leading / your heart your home / bright and calling / night fallen lady / you're shining / in these meat-covered bones I'm a ghost and I drive it / hum and moan of our ghosts as they're colliding / my time imma sell it / take yours and do what / as long as your happy I swear I couldn't give a fuck / abolitionists in this patriarchy go home! / give women the power then leave us good and alone / cooperation has been forgotten lately / I'm a lady of the night / I don't need your saving / lady you're shining... / see they'd have you believe that it's all for your good / cuz surely with freedom you wouldn't act like you should / we can't be trusted with action over hope / or when's the best time that our seed be sown / for millions of years we trusted the group / then culture came in and now we're told what to do  / cerebral cortices grow / but so does empathy / nature and nurture can exist in peace / hey lady... / who are we? / all we see is light in mirrors / you're light in my mirror / who are we? / all we see is light in mirrors  / light / lady you're shining... / all y'all ladies you're shining shining  /  won't let them say that it's wrong / cuz I am that I am / and ain't it sweet how we ache?



 CHI-CHI (Boom Bye-Bye Bigot)]
blouse and skirt! / i'll ride ya till it hurt / ride ya till you're full up but you're begging for dessert / rock and roll my belly / i really am a flirt / think my words are candy? / get what you deserve / i'm perched all pretty / i come soft served / you're more than cheeky / your words are dirt / he on the sneak, he / so let's reverse / sticks and stones now your bones hurt / squat on your cheekbone / slide down your throat / inna fake patois don't think i fucking won't / no this is not a fucking joke / i'm a ride your hate speech down your throat / chi-chi chi-chi love my chi-chi... / metaphorical fires alight, you say / what's a meta for 'sides trying to hide your hate / my pum is a hoe / till words that you sow / choke when i ride / bone snap swallow your flow / common enemy is all hatred of / false analysese in finding what's the rub / so simple you missed it / kisses never misfit / distracted you fight love / why you hate hugs?? / chi-chi... / you a bigot / insipid bigot / you simple i'm livid / go on and call me hypocrite, bigot / cuz i love and i live it, bigot / go on and eat it / you a bigot, bigot / come and call me faggot, bigot / bye-bye bigot bye... / mama earth lips also made to rip muck / call it oil spill cuz you never say enough / pillage earth of her nature / for ye to fling / jaw dribble dirt / come let lovers the love bring / now i'm chuckling cuz i'm leveling / rhetoric of muck and sin that you revel in / your poetry defeats its' purpose / praise hypocrites in high seats / your content is worthless / bigot, insipid bigot... / batty bois grip your your bat and hush their fuss over fassy / make no sense to repent for the boy on the cross / he don't give a fuck who fucking / keep on loving / girl keep strumming / chi-chi...
i wish beanie and bounty would just kiss and make up / come make out / what the bother 'bout bugga's about / you're so loud / fascinating really / make me blush nearly / all the talk of licky-licky make the whole world wanna come / out / bye-bye bigot bye... / so i smash dem bones of hate down your throat / dey a rash dem / on your cheekbone you choke / bye-bye bigot bye....

I crave boys / as addicts crave something to blame for their brokenness / Well I'm fucked too / love my excuse / flips imminent / stay rock bottom where bliss is limitless / please boys no timidness / I know / I'm fucked too / love my excuse / ambivalent as the smirk that ruins you / I cherish it / choose merriment / Mary meant what she said - "It's just brunch" / I walk behind you in a ball gown of straw / eat actors for lunch / I know / I'm fucked too / ain't no excuse / no chemistry set / developed a human without will / there ain't been not one yet / wham bam bang / what a mess we make / symbiotic / ooh boy / you give and I take / don't tell me to tell you what i want / tell me to take it / that's what I want / wham bam bang / what a mess we make / symbiotic / ooh boy / you give and I take / don't tell me to tell you what i want / tell me to take it / that's what I want / well I got testosterone in infinite / grew looking like a boy / but innocent / prettiness diffident / T came before E / grew nuts then my tits / see me stomping up at boys agro at first casuality / but I was still just a young girl / dontcha know / dontcha know / no one telling me "be like waves be and just crash and roll, crash and roll, and roll" / more than a kiss / in these mists of Avalon / whores of Baltimore / or was it Babylon / whisper Chinese / babbling brooks / we hear "bubbling seas" / what did they say / I only heard un-ease / wham bam bang... yeah I like androstenone / it's evident / grew looking like a boy / but innocent / hard-to-get diffident / stomped up at boys agro / but still a girl so / it looked like me pinning boys / just to sigh in their faces / to this day non-chalant boys I'm still chasing / but they say I'm not their type / wham bam bang...

kali durga babylon, pussy makes the world go round / order, your honor on the night of april 3rd / she passed me by so delectable / you know what i thought she deserved? / i said oh no you cant have this priceless shit / i take back the night, i take back the day, i'll take your life while i'm at it / pussy makes the world go round...
order in the court, we call a witness to the stand, exhibit a, a skirt so short / he said 'your honor as a man, i'm a human animal, a human animal, never went on a hunt / some juice will quench my thirst, i must have her, must have her, have her' / pussy makes the world go round... / my karma is a bitch but my ego's even meaner / you won't be my tragedy, you'd better get up offa me / twisted guts and purple cheeks, tell me how does it feel to breath? / your simple ass won't do it again, because here's where your story ends / kill your rapist, the fucker's getting caught, kill your rapist, your dick is getting tossed, kill your rapist... / your honor, let's look at this woman's history / objection, your honor, what about her story? / modern girl trips alone along a twisted path / strength of character to carry on, now a lasting wrath / first, second, then third wave feminism, nature vs nurture, pop culture hypnotism / disoriented rhythyms, girl detached from the moon / faint light steady mocking, will a sun come soon? / kill your rapist... / has he forgotten the first word learned and uttered? / protesting being weaned from his mother's udder, said no / i said no / as women go, so the world goes / if you're looking for a rib it's where my boot fits / as women go, so the world goes... / gavel drops, what do you hear? crying, gasping, one year / oh so now it's my turn to hunt / it's not a wound, it's a weapon, so beware of my cunt / and if there's one gentleman left in this sick sick world / i'll pull ya and pin ya and take you and sin you and we'll make babies... / cuff him, rather snuff him / dead man walking, you'd better start running... / behind a burka i'm smirking at you / i cover myself to control yourself / and if i drop my veils to reveal myself, tell Herod i demand the tip of every rapist dead / kill your - forgiveness, and resolve and end, paper and pen, your aunty, your sister, your friend / dentata, dare you come again! / kill your rapist,,, /  kali durga bablyon, pussy makes the world go round and round and round...

Oh no, what an abysmal aberration, yo i hate kids but i love fertilization / i love sexing my man more than i love his bloodline / i'm lovin' him, but by the likes of him, babies be asinine / got Blanket dangling from a window for stinking up the pad / got me pondering my hole's for in, exit-out iron-clad / oh on, is she bent or eccentric / or does she find conversing with kids restrictive? / the trick to this boys i'm uh tell you lean real close / lean hard, bounce back now, pull the fuck out! / pull the fuck out, pull the fuck out, pull the fuck out everybody / pull the fuck out, pull the fuck out, you taste so good to me / outta mouths of babes, dripping words wet and simple / more like outta puerile brains straining to grow like a pimple / i'm not buying some kid's koa, i have earned these years of wisdom / the system needs countless victims / diss dat breeder, kill spermatozoa / sloppy nipper with your sticky fingers through which somehow time is slipping / feeble dimples on your brain, defiant moments not imprinting / while i'm tripping on the fickle whims of kids, y'all / pull the fuck out... / some women are dripping with diamonds, some women are dripping with pearls / lucky me, lucky me, look at what i'm dripping with - little girls! / oh no, what skiving antipathy baby / dragging you on my hips can't be easy baby baby / not like carrying your father's stuff on my hips is
or his lips sucking the source of genesis is / scream all you want, your boo-boo really hurts? / get up, dust off, my kids gon' play in the dirt / well your skirt too short girl, you gonna show leg already? / but that's the good part, when you wanna start, teach you a dark art / pull the fuck out... / don't forget curettage is an option but women wailing is not / step into that sterile space they run it like an after-thought / but i thought that i saw in the eyes of the doc devestation / what have i wrought? / sad shit alright, but i know i'll see the brat again one day / this time gonna stick around to take away my sanity / until then, stay in the children's pen, are you with me and R U 4 86? / pull the fuck out... / maternal instinct kicking in, i got an urge alright / mama screw yourself with copper, keep out parasites / swim with your socks on, wet up a fem-dom / ma screw yourself with pa, and babies outta sight....

we come around you / that girl grip is tight / we clutch not cluck / you don't sense what ain't right / we come around you / quickening of breath / not thinking you follow us into the night / scandalous / moves shaking / so hard your walls come tumbling down / think we're heaven sent / killing time with girls with looks to kill but we looking to kill / now you're pestulent / you narrowly leave / now believing it's true what they said / cuz the only girl gang in town has just had you / we gain in number / fall in as we gather round the corner / it's audible you stuck standing still and still try to swallow / pace confusing / an illusion to whose heart is hollow / Lizzies! / we take a whiff of you and know where you are / pitch high as the nights dry / where you are / bare legs flash / quiet as they pass / 'cept eyes / not asking 'stead burning mad / none a 'whodunnit, who's coming?' / got the pigs running / waving sticks / got sticks for dicks / running / get shifted shadows bereft of substance / a sustenance of souls gone relentless / scandalous... / i said you're lame real crippled boy you can't have this / lthat ain't a line i throw to reel 'em in like fish / shark-infested waters / no sons just daughters / i'll see you later boy but right now i'm giving orders / these are the ways what your ma knew / before me / these are the ways what your ma knew / whose streets? our streets / teeth cut to rip meat / protect your neck / pretty white expanse / whose streets? our streets / teeth cut to rip meat / Long Live the Lizzies! / whose streets? our streets / teeth cut to rip meat / leaving crimson traces / chicks packing / plus whole lotta magic / we got the streets suckers / y'all suckers / suckers / y'all suckers

fresh fit and real / stay fresh fit and real / check it / my fitness a heat that beats the weak out / bring the meek and out they walk proud / yeah i turn girls out in the very best way / claim cycl- femin- anarch- / these -ists that i raise a fist for / i thought i was a hippy / really i was piss poor / pass the life i'll take more / of them fine things / keep the fine things coming / light on my feet and screaming born to be / in the spotlight / where i'm at / meet me / i'll do the same with you / lippin' libretto / don't try and play me / engenue take it from me / i flex brawn and brain and i'm still pretty / cuz i'm fitter than a fucker / arm-wrestle all night / i'm stupid strong / but it looks good on me, aight? / cuz i'm fresh like zest to opena a dish up / fresh like masses rising up / fresh like a whole room with glasses up glasses up / i'm fresh like zest to open a dish up / fresh like masses rising up / fresh like a whole room with glasses up glasses up / fly stroke / now i've got ripped traps / no joke / diesel by damage / fuck hope / my fate didn't stop with gainers / i had grittier things 'fore i could claim this / girls taught tight grip it's / thighs tummy guns fit this / pole figure that triggers a thought / chicks tough / but come pick us up / court us and stuff / i'm fresh like zest... in JA i ducked under a rope like a wrestler with earnings / pop my belt / come on keep it burning / hips turning boys yearning / disturbing / they watch my body move / just how it played out / i found myself in the middle / crowd loud enough a mind could fade out / and night after night dem bitch get played out played out out out / i'll race you to the top / come find me there / what took you so long? / quit gawking saying the change in me / years lie low / let rise the rest of me / now run, not rid by energy / catch and train that bitch / call her destiny / can't tear your eyes away from me / splattering grins now finally fantasy / now run run run / i'll race you to the top / come find me there / i'm fresh like zest... corn-fed pom-pom / come and shake your pum-pum / ohio where i come from / yeah come and get some sense of humour / check rumours with me / yes i transgress cuz i'm free cuz i'm a go-getter in a big bad world / roll low on a rothar with my lip curled / tiny skulls round the neck / mad pep / chicken period for breakfast / i come clobbering for the stash of wealth of knowledge in this earth and self / perplexing in my decadance / born of earth / irreverant / i prefer this cynical benevolence unhindering my grandiose bend / predelictions prevelant / the 99 percent / stay relentless / stay up fresh fit and stay real / real / cuz i'm fresh like zest

the boy worked all through the night by the light of oil
had he looked up he would have seen what would replace him
he never thought of where night would lead, never thought of what he believed
but held fast to the work and care of his craft
this is the story of a gorgeous machine and his poor maker...
figures in the foreground of his mind turn round then recede till cousins repeat
to come make shadows again
oil still stinking, day breaks even
day's frivolity passed his handsome head
he wouldn't know this quality or mind it
he knew only the strength and idea in his hands
he had some brawn for beauty but he would'nt use such words
thought a mind best spent in division
though he knew he disliked parenthesis but thought the dash good
this is the story of a gorgeous machine...
stars rise and fall unaware, dust falls and gathers unaware, all patterns emerge unaware
headlights on graphite as the engineer arrives to witness the furrowed brow on the boy who draws lines
and when he falsely moves, with sweeping gest this conductor tunes
well the man points his stick and says -
"good work, it's small yet beautiful, it will guide the perplexed. such complexity to make a single point , this something rich and strange, is elegant brim upon brink!"
well the boy says -
"that's a thing done, finished, complete, 'nough care and greased to never creak. now please let me sleep..."
but the people heard, came, and sniffed and left leaving trails of rank perfume, out of depth
chiding "looks clever, but what does it do? all parts working but tell me what does it do?"
"it does nothing. but sing to it a song and tone and pitch it plays it back to you. it does nothing. but show to it this fruit and take pleasure in the red. elaborate course, sparking tangle, give to it or let it rust instead" - spirited the boy
but the people left the boy, he devestated
this is the story of a gorgeous machine...
next light the engineer comes and finds oil spilt and reached the boy's bent head, dead
he'd left only a note, saying -
"i'm gone, gone, gone to be an angle..."

Go on and say it, i got napoleon syndrome, why? too wild, too eager, and pissed
think i got something to prove? you all seen how i move, this little
dipper pulls out a big diss
why wasn't your man last week booed at? why was he gently prodded off stage?
what happened to the days of throwing tomatoes?
the wood creaks regardless under your tiptoes
heaven knows that the earth yearns to speak, rantings are always
inherent in free speech screw what you think i am, screw what you think i am
screw what you think i am, i'm extra, i'm Lady Grew
has your bum gone numb on your pillow?
your Om like an Um when confronted with workers' woes
so let the jizzum-jazzum junk man blow
you know how deep in the mud the roots of a lotus flower go?
i reaffirm that there is a living rage, anger was made to conquer these days
with heat in my belly, love in my heart, nothing in my pocket, my truth on my breath
6 foot 3, 4' 10' brings more horror or her fervor my words that burn your stories
your ashes of glory my feet promptly sweep off the dancefloor
yes it's molecular fact, i bounce quicker
and back with a smile and a smack for those thicker
so while you're proud of the strength to carry that cross on your back
my levity will save me
screw what you think i am, i'm extra, i'm Lady Grew
you see me comin', you about to see just how i do...
yo have you ever heard that good packages cum in small things? know what i mean?
go on and say it, i'm hot-stepping outta big tents
mad vibe, tight space got me demented, I'm cute but I'm cruel
reinventing what you think of small, seeming bigger than you in no time at all
come crawlin' if you wanna look up at me, as if i don't already have you on your knees
feel free to throw me, it you wanna know me, better show me you know i'm an athlete
screw what you think i am...
i jack outta the box when you least expect it
me lickle but me tallewa, nuff money collected
singing smallness coming with rawness, flows flawless
people moving over making room for manners lawless
bawdiness big enough to shake a room, scandalous path blazing all-consuming
got effervescence verging on mania, you wanna scoff?
step down, i'll bite your knee-caps off!
yes i'm the hole in the crowd, dare you to pass
thought you found place to stand, instead find people stepping back
old lady, bum lady, last one had tenacity to step to me with wit in a
new york city subway
saying 'you're so small, you're gonna get smaller and smaller and smaller
until they put you in a cage and feed you with an eyedrop'
but i been there new york city skips ain't filled with slop
so you mind telling me why you so mother-fucking fat?
originality! oh no, i'll give you that, outta my ways fuckers i'm done
with this rap

now breathe...
girl hot but sloppy and the gig got gory, hot but sloppy and the gig got gory
now listen real close to me dirty story
ain't nuttin' fancy about it, girl foxy, but girl defo didn't know how
to use a crop on me
won't put out, even give out, 'stead bows out
didn't sign up for this sorta soiree
poor little honeys waiting to see pretty lil' ass out on display
get wet undies just looking at me, queens shoving me just for having gee...
but i'm a good lil' actress, not a fucking whacktress, so when i rear up
time to change your tactic
style plastic, life re-enacted, blasting away on a girl and still
expect her to crawl
yank on her nose-ring till it falls on the floor
girl hot but sloppy...
i'm not your crop biscuit, i'm getting paid, never had to risk it to get laid
see your boots, be kissing 'em on stage, if you could stand in 'em
maybe you'd 've stayed
paying to play, girl gaping for free, pussy juice juice rolling down your knee
you missed the boat now you're floating out to sea
mean streets'll drown you without me
playing rough, you're better as a playmate
but hefner left ya cuz you wouldn't vibrate
you'd better pick a spot and go rotate, gal, you come crawl for the rebate
girl, you're harmless, quit trying to use your arm
no love for your sub and your bottom is all
cuz it's a game to you girl, but mine's real and raw
girl hot but sloppy...
two girls dressed in black, lights pop and cameras flash
cheese on my grill to hide my growling, baby i'm built to last...
ya gonna top and dom better know your tools
no retort, packed up, saying 'well, i'm not'
then player, definitely you should know how to use your prop
but pretty ghetto girl chickens out, and ducks, and fucks off
girl hot but sloppy...
need me to show you how to not let your cane wrap?
i'm lucky you didn't know how to tie my hands back
how did i really expect her to know to stop when lil' missy prissy
didn't know where to begin
your defense thrives on pretense
trying to make sense of an argument once blood in your face rises
palpably pounding
and your words, therefore, no longer are
well pity is a cold pour, shame burns til noone can touch your skin
both hot and cold are humiliation...
girl hot but sloppy...
ghetto crop me while the bass goes droppee...
all that low end gets me sloppy...
girl hot but sloppy...

Yo you must be kidding me, watch my hip calligraphy
you're too high to ride, get low and feel me
yo, your ear need training wheels, you bought a bum deal
tinny meet tiny, I like my beats grimey
you're a gimp and a drip, a drop of water won't make it to the deep sea
you're too chilly and besides you're faking
'stead you freeze and fall white and soft on the tongue of kids, while I ride low black keys by the devil's bid
yes, I'm a bass bully, take a whiff of the ground
my pocket you're pride, gonna be taking pounds
yes, I'm a bass bully, take a whiff of the ground
when I smell treble I'm unleashing the hounds
shorty speaker tweaking, 6 stone pounding the ground
root is reality, and all things sound
nada brahma, only problem is it might take all kinds but I'm an elitist
cuz treble baits ya like a fishhook, you puffing simp, while the bassfloor booms with strutting pimps
treble presses like crimped hair, shallow zig-zags, bass pressing the right spot, yes right there!
yes, I'm a bass bully...
nip and tuck it, flip and fuck it, go straight for the meat
you're bass-faced, knocked clean off your feet
cheap piping in my dome, southern ohio is home, hoarding deep notes since the day I was born
completely absorbed by the buzz in the low chords
brain drill boring, come knock on my girly door
I'm a proud puppet on a string, in the belly of a whale, I'm real, boy, and my style's menacing
yes, I'm a bass bully...
toss it, scoop it up, hold it under boot, let it up long enough to tickle my guts, now drop it
bass whore, rhythm slut, bass whore, rhythm slut
toss it, scoop it up...
yes I'm a bass bully...
you're a waste of bass, yes I got a problem with your piddling drivel, g'luck peddling all your petty treble
pity that your feet go pitter-patter, make the girls scatter
you can't pitch, but can you swing batter? hey, batter!
don't bother me with how your trance advances, your ecstasy like little fairy prances
don your wings, wind'll carry you away, we storm-proof fleet and anchored to stay
yes, I'm a bass bully...
gnashing fangs, bare-knuckled and bold, got a fisted larynx cuz your teeth got sold
the money's by the bed, don't feel like a piece of meat, cuz in reality you're selling sickly sweet
mouth tight, look like you're standing on your head, get fed from both ends, bass so deep it bends
r. corrie said it, you're the cannon that I shoot from, when I hear boom! what divides us is who runs
yes I'm a bass bully...
bass that's rattling cages, rousing corpses, killing pigs, and tranquing horses...

I won't let them say that it's wrong / boy I'll show you wrong
Hey Lady you're shining / let your moon rise lady / you're shining shining / light all leading / your heart your home / bright calling lady / you're shining / 
Hey Lady you're shining / let your moon rise lady / you're shining shining / light all leading / your heart your home / night fallen lady / you're shining / 
In these meat covered bones I'm a ghost and I drive this / hum and moan of our ghosts as they're colliding / my time imma sell it / take ours and do what / as long as you're happy I swear I couldn't give a fuck/ abolitionists in your patriarchy go home / give women the power / then leave us good and alone / cooperation has been forgotten lately / I'm a lady of the night  / I don't need your saving
See they'd have you believe it's all for your good / cuz surely with freedom you wouldn't act like you should / we can't be trusted with action over hope / or when's the best time that our seed be sown / for millions of years we trusted the group / then culture came in and now we're told what to do / cerebral corteses grow but so does empathy / nature and nature can exist in peace
Hey Lady...
Who are we  / all we see / is light in mirrors / your light in my mirror / yes all y'all ladies
won't let them say that it's wrong / and ain't it sweet how we ache