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Éalú Le Grá

 —  —


RaggaPuffin is a three piece outfit with Kelsey Selkey on the decks, Iarla Fox on acoustic/electronic drumsets, and Lady Grew on the mic. Music spanning from ragga to dancehall, afrobeat to techno, footwork to grime.

Eating w/the Enemy

 —  —


Kate McGrew has a blind dinner with surprise guest who has the opposite opinion as her on a variety of topics dear to their hearts - how will they get along?

Inappropriate Tea Party

 —  —

The Fumbally Stables, Fumbally Lane Dublin 8, Dublin

Lady Grew / American Kate Guest Speaking with the luscious Margarita Murphy This event, we'll flesh things out on the theme of P0RN, the spectrum of se+ual appeal, interests, stimulus and the growing affect of the se+ industry on our own intimate lives and relationships.

And POETRY, how it relates to p0rn and your opportunity to both listen and turn us on to some of your favourite, most arousing, evocative, erotic, lusty, lovely poems. Ear p0rn !!

So please bring along your favourite word p0rn !!

Pretty Billy in the Bowl

 —  —

Omni Stage 3, Edinburgh Fringe Fest, Edinburgh

In this adaptation of local Irish lore, the ghost of a legless 18th century serial killer gains redemption when he falls in love with a modern day sex worker. Together they infiltrate and haunt the mega-brothel down the road, empowering workers to seize the means of production - their own bodies. With 1790s Irish ballads and 1990s dancehall.

Bloco átha Cliath

Sugar Club, 8 Leeson Street, Dublin


Dubzeno | Slick Bullet | Jay Ronic | Flaco Dior | Big Bennjy | King Joe | Lady Grew | Southside Moves | & More

Bloco Atha Cliath is a live Urban music event with its roots in the South American tradition of the ‘Bloco’ or Carnival Street Party. Celebrating the diversity of the burgeoning Urban music scene in Ireland right now, the event features 100% original and home grown music from Dublin and Galway. With vocalists, MC’s, DJ’s and dancers Bloco Atha Cliath will bring a bit of that passionate ‘Bloco’ energy combined with Ireland’s next generation vibrancy.

Bringing together a collection of hip hop and other genres, and drawing on a mix of urban styles and diverse influences, the line up features established acts who have been making waves in recent times as well as some exciting new talents . There will also be dance performances by Go Dance for Change - a transcultural platform that uses dance as its primary tool to engage the Irish community with other cultures, and a roster of acts that bring the latest sounds, rhythms and rhymes from the Urban music community.



Disability and Sex Work: Panel - Comedy - Music

 —  —

Bloody Mary's, 7 Williams St south, Dublin, Ireland


Disability and sex worker rights go hand in hand. Come find out how!

DJ/Panelist: Louise Bruton

Louise Bruton is a journalist, DJ, disability activist, playwright and pop lover. She co-runs the club night Pure Shores and hosts The Thirst Trap on Dublin Digital Radio. She made her theatre debut in 2017's Dublin Fringe Festival as a playwright and a performer with a sold out run of Why Won't You Have Sex With Me?, a show that looks into disability, relationships and sex.

Comedian: Ian Lynam

Ian Lynam began his stand up career as part of the Trinity College Comedy Society, continuing this in the University of Edinburgh, performing in the Revue show during the Fringe. His solo show, Portrait of the Autist as a Young Man, debuted as part of the Scene and Heard festival in Smock Alley last year. During Autism Acceptance Month he cooperated with Emily O'Callaghan's Comedy Gold to create Light It Up Gold, Ireland's (possibly the world's) first all-autistic stand up night, Light It Up Gold. He has since performed at Knockanstocken, Kaleidoscope and Vodafone Comedy Festival.

Music: Lady Grew and the New Crew

Lady Grew performs a live set! A bassy genre mashup with electronic producer T-LAB (Toby Eaton of Wiggle), including Pete Byrne on drumkit, Colm Ó Nuanáin on trumpet and didgeridoo, and Ella Goddin on accordion and backing vocals.

Make an impact - be entertained!

Come learn the language for speaking to your new polticians about sex workers's essential input into the 2020 review of the Criminal Law Sexual Offenses Act.