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Pull The Fuck Out

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Oh no, what an abysmal aberration, yo i hate kids but i love fertilization / i love sexing my man more than i love his bloodline / i'm lovin' him, but by the likes of him, babies be asinine / got Blanket dangling from a window for stinking up the pad / got me pondering my hole's for in, exit-out iron-clad / oh on, is she bent or eccentric / or does she find conversing with kids restrictive? / the trick to this boys i'm uh tell you lean real close / lean hard, bounce back now, pull the fuck out! / pull the fuck out, pull the fuck out, pull the fuck out everybody / pull the fuck out, pull the fuck out, you taste so good to me / outta mouths of babes, dripping words wet and simple / more like outta puerile brains straining to grow like a pimple / i'm not buying some kid's koa, i have earned these years of wisdom / the system needs countless victims / diss dat breeder, kill spermatozoa / sloppy nipper with your sticky fingers through which somehow time is slipping / feeble dimples on your brain, defiant moments not imprinting / while i'm tripping on the fickle whims of kids, y'all / pull the fuck out... / some women are dripping with diamonds, some women are dripping with pearls / lucky me, lucky me, look at what i'm dripping with - little girls! / oh no, what skiving antipathy baby / dragging you on my hips can't be easy baby baby / not like carrying your father's stuff on my hips is
or his lips sucking the source of genesis is / scream all you want, your boo-boo really hurts? / get up, dust off, my kids gon' play in the dirt / well your skirt too short girl, you gonna show leg already? / but that's the good part, when you wanna start, teach you a dark art / pull the fuck out... / don't forget curettage is an option but women wailing is not / step into that sterile space they run it like an after-thought / but i thought that i saw in the eyes of the doc devestation / what have i wrought? / sad shit alright, but i know i'll see the brat again one day / this time gonna stick around to take away my sanity / until then, stay in the children's pen, are you with me and R U 4 86? / pull the fuck out... / maternal instinct kicking in, i got an urge alright / mama screw yourself with copper, keep out parasites / swim with your socks on, wet up a fem-dom / ma screw yourself with pa, and babies outta sight....